VoIP Services.

P. A. Dominguez, Inc. provides VoIP services to businesses and has been registered with the Federal Communications Commission since August 2006 as an “interconnected VoIP service provider”.  As such, P.A. Dominguez, Inc. complies with all FCC requirements regarding reporting and privacy on an annual and bi-annual basis including FCC forms: 499, the Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet, form 477, Fixed Voice Subscription Disclosure, form CPNI, Consumer Proprietary Network Information and Robocall Mitigation Database.  Similarly, P.A. Dominguez, Inc. complies with all the relevant State reporting and taxation requirements. These VoIP services are directly provided to customers via the BroadWorks / BroadSoft telephony / unified communications system platform, a subsidiary of Cisco Systems, which is worldwide in scope.

Our customer base is currently comprised of small businesses typically with fewer than 25 employees in New York and Texas. We can provide service in other states as well.

Over the years our customers have selected the features most useful and valuable to their businesses from the vast list of services available on the BroadSoft platform in the most cost-effective way.  We enable these preselected features for new customers as a cost efficient template for services provided for their business. We continuously strive to improve the feature / cost ratio for all our customers.  All provided services run over the customers business’s Internet connection(s). In many circumstances they use an Edgemarc VoIP router where there are many phones in one location. In locations like a home office no special equipment is needed other than the phone and an internet connection.

The Edgemarc can not only enhance VoIP Services but can provide the same mission critical standards to the client’s data network as well while simultaneously maintaining High Definition Voice Quality on their phones. Additionally, the Edgemarc can deal with two independent Internet connections and provide Internet fail-over ability as well as network load balancing when both Internets are working. This feature works at both the Service Provider / Enterprise level.

One of our advantages is that we are small enough to quickly respond to a provisioning, maintenance and/or configuration requests while monitoring the customers equipment in real time while having tools that diagnose and fix issues that may arise and fix them just as fast. Additionally any phone office feature that a client would like from the vast list of the available BroadSoft features can also be quickly provided.  We also provide related features like Call Recording useful for order taking, and Network Video Recording for building access and security.

One of our focuses with BroadSoft is the mobility feature. Any client can use their desk phone as if they were sitting at their work office or from their home office or even on their iPhone / Android device.

Provisioning Services.

All business services we provide are managed from distinct dedicated provisioning servers provided by each manufacturer/provider/carrier. These web based servers allow us to provision, configure and maintain the edge routers, phones, Domain Name Servers, Wireless Access Points and backup devices without ever having to take possession of the respective device.  These servers allow multiple logins per enterprise or groups so that our responsibilities and the customers’ desired onsite capabilities can be appropriately assigned. Such servers include: the Broadworks and Averistar provisioning system at the Enterprise and Service provider levels, the Yealink Enterprise Cloud Management service, Ribbon Communications’ Edgeview Provisioning System, Grandstream Cloud based Access Points Controller, Buffalo Technologies Remote Management Service, and Nomadic Circle’s iPhone / Android app called Call Control v2 for Broadworks.